How Artist Labs came to be

In 2016, the eliquid market was looking deflated. With rumors floating around of many companies going under, while pending regs set to sink a large number of vape companies. Many vapers left the vape world and went back to either regular cigarettes or a small percentage dropped nicotine all together, worried that they would not be able to get their vaping supplies much longer.

Artist Labs was born out of hope, by two companies that pushed on even when the industry was told not to. Ruze Vapor and Artist Liquids came together to create and continue manufacturing products that are affordable, compliant to the T and exactly what the vapers wanted. Through hard work and creating new jobs Artist Labs became the premier E liquid company of Washington State.

The reason the lab flourished is because of the partnership. We actually built a new facility with state of the art bottling equipment and formed new relationships with new communities across the United States. We are a group of eliquid manufacturers for the community that was melded by the communities needs.

We dabbled in new looks and recipes right before the deadline last year that gave us a large book of new flavors to put on the market over the next 5 years. Most of these flavors were suggestions by our amazing fans and customers. Each flavor is accompanied by a design that is appealing to the eyes and never IP theft or marketed toward non-adults. We are original through and through.

We live an industry through excitement and innovations. Dedication to new ideas and amazing people our team provides a culture within vaping that keeps the heart of the industry beating. You will find this on our social media, events we attend, conventions and through advocating thoughtful regulation.


-Travis & Rob

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