Ejuice Deals of the Year and Top Ejuice Flavors of the year

-The hunt for the best Ejuice in America-
What is ejuice even made out of? Vaping has become the every day normal thing for many ex-smokers all over the globe, but the reality is that there are still many current smokers that have no clue what vaping is.
                                                                     <Source: quitsmokingcommunity.org>
Lets break down a bottle of ejuice for everyone, starting from the packaging, where to buy and what it contains. Many of us current vapers already know what all of these things mean, but some of us do not. Here we will provide some resourceful links and great advice for new vapers.
First off, what does or what should vapor product packaging look like? There are so many types of Ejuice out there in the world and each one should have a few things in common. Make sure that the bottle of eliquid you are buying has the proper warnings ON THE LABEL
There are many ways for this warning label to look, but this refined design fits all of the current regulations needed and informs the consumer of all of the proper concerns they should have before using eliquid. Just be sure to always do your research.
Your standard 4 Ingredients of Eliquid will include; Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural & Artificial Flavoring and lastly, Nicotine in a liquid form. All of these items, minus nicotine, can be found in your every day food. Just read the label of your favorite beverages and snack foods and you will find every ingredient in Eliquid besides nicotine. Which leads us to telling you, if you are not given a small hint of what is inside the bottle, you should probably not buy it. 
Lastly here are a couple really good places to buy from:

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