West Coast Vape Expo and The Vape Showcase Date Changes

What a intense turn of events, two major convention circuits West Coast Vape Expo & the Vape Showcase have moved their vape conventions to new dates after the terrible hurricane in Houston Texas this last week. Of course no vaper wants to reschedule their plans to a different city and different dates. But in this scenario it seems more than necessary to change a few plans in our agenda to accommodate Houston and the surrounding areas.

West Coast Vape Expo must have came to the same conclusion as we did, because it only makes sense to support the date change for the Houston Vape Showcase. Which is now located in Dallas on November 4th and 5th (the original show dates for West Coast Vape Expo). WCVE is now having their event at the Trac Center in Pasco Washington. Which is actually a huge upgrade for their venue size.

But lets talk about the benefits here, does changing the dates make the show better for either of the expo holders? If we had to put our money on one of these shows walking away with the better overall turnout and benefits it would be tough. In one hand The Vape Showcase has a long track record of giving great results. Businesses and Consumers of the vape industry travel from other countries to be a part of the shows. You have everything from E-liquid automation equipment to Vape Apparel companies, all coming here to give the best show money can buy.


On the other hand West Coast Vape Expo probably has the most untouched market for National Expo's in the United States. Washington State's last expo was the Vapecon International in January of 2016, which really needed a better venue and the support of more local companies. Some of the Best Eliquid of 2017 will be there, Biggest Vape Distributors and Coolest Vape Apparel  Well that support has been given to WCVE by some of the largest companies in the northwest, us included.

West Coast Vape Expo put on one hell of a show last year and it really came together in a short period of time. From what we have been told the show was not expected to do well until a select few influencer's came onboard and really ramped up the presence of the vape expo. Now WCVE has plenty of time and plenty of support to really kick off a great show. Without a doubt the Artist Labs crew will be there to support!



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