FDA Says Love is not an Ingredient - Love is in each of our Ejuices

"FDA Warns Bakery Company ‘Love’ Is Not an Ingredient in Granola" (Bloomberg)
What is this? I mean, is anyone really concerned about what love means? If you are willing to put it on your package it's not like it is a secret ingredient or proprietary blend. It's not like vitamins and supplements where they list a "Energy Complex Blend" but you don't get to see what that blend is exactly.
What is "GUNPOWDER"? 
Ok, let's not get too off topic here. I really just wanted to point out the gaps in the world of the FDA. I know nobody is perfect, right. I also know that certain supplements are not FDA regulated, so there is a big difference on what goes into the label and ingredients listing. 
Well for all of you out there that wonder what us Eliquid Companies go through on a daily basis...here it is. Even though I think this granola company is being smart in their branding I also know it is important to be very clear on their package of what is in the ingredients listing. Maybe a simple "Made with Love" on the front of the package would suffice. 
The real point I am getting at is, we should be mindful of what we see on our packaging. I am going to use Artist Labs Ejuice as an example. Artist Labs is well though out in its branding approach, down to the color of the label and what kind of emotional response it will trigger in each customer. The warning labels (read our earlier blog) are clean and very intentional, there is no fluff, each word is intended to provide good information and abide by all of the FDA/Local guidelines. 
Where there is some flair is in the logo's and overall branding. Some companies use special slogans or "Premium Vape Juice" logo's or "Steeped Ejuice". I feel like those words are implied in this day and age, and really the only determination i need for a good ejuice is the taste and the overall packaging. Which is what very few brands do today. 
To sum it all up, the FDA seems to be really cracking down on all industries. We are not singled out as a Vape Industry. There is the Food Industry, which is much larger. The Alcohol Industry, again much larger and more strict. Each of which has a set of regulations that the FDA hold tightly too. We feel like this regulation is to be expected and are fully prepared to just do our part and stay compliant to the best of our ability. 

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