Best Of Vaping 2017 - Guide to Vaping

What has the Guide to Vaping done for us Vapers?
Well, I can tell you what their intentions are and how useful the information they give is. I can also spout off a few of the top Vaping products from 2017 and where to get them for the best price.
Guide to Vaping seems to be gearing up for a huge output of consumer information for 2017, if you look at the page now you will see some outdated material on vape products we have already tested and burnt out on. Of course, they have the naked 100 ad that pops up as soon as you get to the site...Just go ahead and exit out of that to get to the content.
Here is the voters application for best vape products of 2017. Now is this an unbiased page? What I can tell you is that the information we provide as consumers is definitely an unbiased submission, it is up to you to find out which information is provided for consumer information and which information is an ad. Otherwise, Guide to Vaping has some of the best consumer information available including videos, reviews, blogs, articles, etc. Go check them out and vote Artist Labs and Artist Liquids as the best of 2017.
Now, what do I think is the best vape products of 2017. I won't go as in depth as Guide to Vaping, but i will throw my opinions up there based on my experience.
My favorite piece of hardware of going to be the CKS Icon V1.5, now this is my favorite piece of hardware but I will have to say that the Limitless Pulse Pod Device is the best AIO setup I have ran across EVER! 
The best Eliquid I have run across, which is many, is handily going to the Cotton Cookies by Artist Liquids. It has been a staple in my vaping since 2016. To be fair if I had to choose a liquid that was released in 2017 I will have to go with CKSerum Easy Rider.
Those are my basic picks, I am a simple vaper. If you would like to know what more consumers picked for the best of vaping in 2017 go check out the Guide to Vaping and vote for the best of each category!

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