Notable Vape Shop Blogs - Is Vaping Better to the Individual than Smoking? What are you opinions on Vaping? Let's see what this person has to say about vaping, Dr. Farsalinos M.D.

Here we will present some Facts, Opinions and Observations about vaping related to people who quit smoking and started vaping. When we present facts, they are not our opinion or observation, they are cited and accurate facts about smoking and/or vaping that can not be argued. To argue a fact, you must present substantial facts that discredits a fact.

This seems like common sense, well certain studies are not presenting facts only wild conclusions based on minimal or non-existent evidence that vaping can cause all sorts of diseases or contains all sorts of chemicals.

A Vapers Guide to Buying Artist Eliquids in WA State

A Vapers Guide to Buying Artist Eliquids in WA State There are so many options to choose from with all of the brands out there, Artist's Mission is...

Best Of Vaping 2017 - Guide to Vaping

Best Of Vaping 2017 - Guide to Vaping

Vote For Artist Liquids here! What has the Guide to Vaping done for us Vapers? Well, I can tell you what their intentions are and how usefu...

Black Friday Deals - Best Prices on Vape Liquid and Hardware

Welcome to the deal page of the year For Artist Labs   Here is an itemized list of the best deals for Black Friday, available on your Mobile and De...

Shop Vendor of the Month Program - Perks and Discounts on Eliquid

Become a Vendor of the Month at Artist Labs by producing results that are great! There is no one way to measure these results. We base it off of c...

FDA Says Love is not an Ingredient - Love is in each of our Ejuices

"FDA Warns Bakery Company ‘Love’ Is Not an Ingredient in Granola" (Bloomberg) What is this? I mean, is anyone really concerned about what love mea...

President Trump Saves the Vape Industry - Then Bombs for Public Rants

Lets just start by saying President Donald Trump has given the vape industry a golden ticket to survive the coming years. We all celebrated like i...

West Coast Vape Expo and The Vape Showcase Date Changes

What a intense turn of events, two major convention circuits West Coast Vape Expo & the Vape Showcase have moved their vape conventions to new ...

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